Frequently Asked Questions

What is ThorFi?

ThorFi has evolved into a dynamic ecosystem of gamified utilities, each one purpose-built to correlate seamlessly in pursuit of a greater purpose: empowering investors through inventive new approaches to how they cultivate their DeFi experience and earn the rewards that matter most.

Is Thor's contract a fork or entirely its own code?

Whilst originally forking our code, we now have a fully-fledged contract that is entirely custom-written, to include such functions as compounding, combining, NFT fees, NFT renaming, staking, and lottery systems.

What investments has ThorFi made?

Our full list of investments, including blue chips, validator nodes, and more, can be found at

Is the Thor team KYC'd?

We originally KYC'd here. Since then, multiple members of our team have KYC'd more previously in 2023, including 5 core team members, found here.

Can I use rewards from my wallet to make up the difference if I am short on unclaimed rewards?

Referred to as 'Combine', as long as you have at least 50% in unclaimed rewards the rest of the cost can come from your wallet.

Are there any taxes associated with this project?

These can be found in Claim Tax or Maintenance Fees.

Is there a limit to NFT creation per wallet?

We aim to allow 200 NFTs per wallet.

What is the contract address of the $Thor token?


Where can I purchase $Thor?

We encourage you to buy from our automated OTC service! That can be found here, with more details, here.
Additionally, you can purchase $Thor from TraderJoe: Simply type in “Thor” and the token will populate.

With which wallets is Thor's DApp compatible?

We strongly recommend using MetaMask as it causes the least issues; however, you can use Coinbase Wallet and WalletConnect.

Does Thor have an OTC service?

We have the first-to-market automated OTC service. Additional details can be found here.

Does Thor Financial host regular AMA's?

Indeed, we do; these occur at 5 PM PST on Thorsdays, within our Discord server, and also on our Twitch channel, which can be located here. (hyperlink the word “here” with the following link -

Do my NFTs have fees associated with them?

These can be found in Claim Tax or Maintenance Fees.

Are fees taken from unclaimed rewards?

Fees are paid in AVAX. The reason that fees are payable in Avax and not Thor, is because if we collected the fees in Thor, at some point we would have to sell the token, causing mass sell pressure. The fees are due 30 days from point of NFT creation Please keep in mind that the button REMAINS even after you've paid. If you've paid once, please scroll down to the individual NFT section, and you will see that the date has been moved forward; that's how you can confirm the payment has gone through!

What social media platforms can I find Thor on?

Thor Financial participates in the following social media and online services.