ThorFi Keycards

Obtain keycards through gamification!

  • Burn Origin NFTs to mint keycards
  • Burn Drift NFTs to mint keycards prior to decaying
  • Decay Drift NFTs to mint keycards after 90-day NFT lifecycle
ThorFi Keycards are paired, one Odin and one Thor, of matching types, Origin or Drift, and Fuse together to create a Capsule.
Keycards come in two varieties - from an Origin Burn, or from a Drift Burn. Each paired type produces a different type of Capsule with a different reward pool, referenced in the Capsules section.
ThorFi keycards may be held at the ready for any future utility, in order to ensure that any rewards or additional utility that are available on a first-come, first-served basis can be collected by the community.

Ecosystem Keycard Utility

Current Utility: ThorFi Capsules

Future Utility: ThorFi Ecosystem perks