ThorFi Litepaper

ThorFi Capsules

Capsules are the final result of the GameLoop process for ThorFi. Capsules come from the Fusion of matching (Origin Burn/Drift Burn) Thor & Odin Keycards. A capsule is immediately available in its closed form, at which point it may be listed on the Marketplace. You may then choose to open a capsule, at which point its contents are determined based on capsule type, and chance is applied by Chainlink VRF. You can also list the contents of the opened Capsule NFT on the marketplace.
  • Capsule Type
    • Origin Burn Capsule
    • Drift Burn Capsule
Much like ThorFi Keycards, Capsules may be held at the ready for any future utility, in order to ensure that any rewards or additional utility that are available on a first-come, first-served basis can be collected by the community.

Capsule Perks

Capsule perks can be applied to Origin nodes, but not Drift nodes. Once the perks are applied, they cannot be removed. If it is a temporary boost, it will expire, but permanent boosts become locked into the node.

Origin Burn Capsule

10% Permanent Reward Boost
50% Temporary Reward Boost
$THOR token voucher
There are 2 perk slots per node. These can house any combination of temporary or permanent reward boosts.

Drift Burn Capsule

10% Permanent Reward Boost
35% Temporary Reward Boost
$THOR token voucher

Future Capsule Perks may include;

  • Node Perks
    • Adding additional slots for node perks
  • Merch NFT Tokens
  • Art Collection NFTs