Origin NFTs

All previously existing Thor & Odin nodes are Origin NFTs.

Thor & Odin NFTs remain intact with some notable changes.

An Origin NFT is a Blockchain NFT with each individual Origin NFT providing a Custom, Private, RPC Endpoint. These RPC Endpoints can be utilized to navigate Web3 privately, securely, and more efficiently compared to Public RPC Endpoints provided by EVM Chains to the public.

By owning an Origin NFT, you unlock the full potential of decentralization in a fast-moving Web3 environment, in a rewarding fashion.

Additional Changes to the Origin NFT are;

  • Thor & Odin NFTs now produce dynamic VRR-determined rewards for the lifetime of the NFT

  • Do not decay

  • Dynamic Buy-In Price

    • At launch, the price will be 100 $THOR/20 $THOR

      • The buy-in price will change to a dynamic value if the reward rates reach the upper & lower bound limits

      • Origin NFTs are no longer available to be created/minted.

We aim to allow 200 NFTs per wallet.

Both a Thor and an Odin tier NFT are required to create Direct Burn Keycards & Capsules.

The Thor & Odin NFTs have a number of direct actions able to be taken, found below;

pageOrigin BurnpageTransformationpageHold

After the above direct actions are taken, there are available subsequent actions available;

pageFusionpageOpen A Capsule

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