More detail on our Chainlink integration can be found here. Chainlink provides all of our Verifiable Random Function (VRF) needs through blockchain advancements to ensure an actual random outcome. They also provide price feeds throughout our site and dApp functionality.


More detail can be found here. Vesper provides our staking platform, which is able to be found on our dApp.


More detail can be found here. Betswirl provides our betting suite, which is able to be found on our dApp.

Union of Transparency

The Union of Transparency offers accreditation services and focuses on self-regulation. The UoT will provide services similar to a KYC agency for the DeFi niche, allowing protocols willing to be thoroughly vetted to earn a metaphorical “ethical badge of honor”. The UoT will also provide a framework for future regulators to emulate. By participating in a voluntary oversight committee, we show an example that will provide results, protecting investors, and becoming approachable by lawmakers.
Truth + Proof = Trust