Capsule Marketplace

Capsule aims to be the premiere NFT Marketplace on the AVAX blockchain.

This platform makes it simple to store and sell NFTs. NFTs on the platform are generally available for purchase or auction at a set price.
Here are a few of the areas that Capsule plans to target;
Digital Art
Several NFTs are utilizing various forms of digital art to build profit. There’s something for everyone, from digital replicas of authentic images to memes.
The Capsule Marketplace will be curating art collections that fit our high-quality aesthetic and the project level that we aim to work with.
Video games
NFTs can represent numerous in-game products, content, or characters, and are typically sold and purchased in-game or through external internet platforms like Steam, which provide secure transactions. This necessitates a close relationship with the game. The Capsule Marketplace aims to fill this gap in the P2E space as well.
Required tokens can be used as keys (or keycards) for a variety of information, programs, databases, operating systems, and events.
Projects for Investment
Capsule Marketplace aims to be the hub of utility-based projects that offer investment opportunities to Capsule's community. Capsule will host projects who fit our stringent review process, aiming to host only the best projects available.
  • Home for NFT Transformation & GameLoop
  • Secondary Market for NFTs
  • Exclusive Artist Collections
  • Exclusive Partner NFT Collections
  • Curated NFT Collections

Official Link: [Coming Soon]