Transformation is an action taken in order to convert an Origin NFT, into a Drift NFT.

The Drift Reward rate is locked in based on the current Origin NFT’s VRR and an NFT multiplier is applied via Chainlink VRF. Rewards are then collected by staking the NFT.

Transforming into a Drift NFT allows the chance to receive an increased amount of rewards for 90 days, followed by the NFT becoming a ThorFi Keycard, which may be paired up (1 Odin/1 Thor) to be Fused into a Drift Capsule.

At the time of transformation, a number of changes occur;

  • NFT Multiplier is applied via Chainlink VRF

    • Multipliers may be 3x, 4.5x, 6x, 9x, 15x, 30x, 100x

      • The number of NFTs transformed affects the multiplier

        • Increase your odds for a better multiplier by transforming 5 NFTs at once, and even more by transforming 10 NFTs at once

  • The Drift Reward rate is locked in based on the current VRR and your NFT multiplier

  • The Drift NFT is minted in a deactivated state

    • The NFT must be staked to collect rewards and begin the 90 day timer

    • Rewards can be claimed once every 30 days

      • Ex: If someone claims on day 40, they will receive rewards for the first 30 days, and the additional 10 days remain on the contract until they are accessible on day 60, and then the remainder again on day 90.

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